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The 2013 Race Retro takes place this weekend

The Race Retro is a yearly event of historic motorsport, and this year it is happening from February 22 to the 24th. This 10th anniversary edition will feature a bunch of competition motorcycles and cars along with drivers to show them off, and bring them to victory once again in front of the crowd.

This year, the celebration also brings Team Lotus in a surprising display of innovation and design thanks to Colin Chapman, their lead car designer. Another major feature includes the rally cars, and this year they will be giving tribute to Renault Alpine on its 40th anniversary, and it will be the first world title for them to be shown off under. Several of the Alpine vehicles will be displayed at the event stage for all to admire, and some will even get to go on the mud for a day filled with actions.

Group B cars may be some of the most awaited vehicles among the rally cars, and they will be on the stage on Saturday and Sunday during the event. And if you are a driver yourself, there may be a chance you can participate in the classical part of the rally thanks to the Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation. For just £25 you can hop on board and drive on a special course built for that, getting a feel of these rare and exotic vehicles.

Some of the special guests that are expected to attend include Murray Walker and Sir Stirling Moss. Meanwhile part of the celebration will be to honour Barry Sheene, a Race Retro hero who designed a lot of machines which will be displayed during the event. Finally, Silverstone Auctions will be holding a sale of vehicles, including classic and modern supercars, on February 23.

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