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Get the 70′ groove this summer in Stockton

This summer, Stockton is going to be home to a retro festival that will take guests back to the seventies with plenty of vintage decorations and some of the grooviest tunes. To help set the tone for the retro festival, a Stockton Victorian mansion will see its grounds transformed into a music festival that rivals some of the best outdoor concerts of the seventies.

It is expected that over 1,000 party guests will dance the night away on July 13th as part of the “Reminisce 70s” festival that is scheduled to take place in Stockton at Preston Park. Some of the scheduled acts include Voulez Vous an Abba tribute act, Los Palmas, imitators of Madness and Village Boyz who pay tribute to The Village People. The headlining band at the concert will be the Stockton local band called Medicine Show.

Fans of the bands, fans of the seventies, and those who just want to have a good time are encouraged to bring soft drinks, food, and deck chairs to Preston Park to make a real evening out of it. The show will start at 5pm and is expected to go until 11pm so make sure that you pack enough snacks to last you all night.

The festival is being hosted by the Stockton Borough Council and Events4Fun and those who want tickets for the retro event can pick them up at the Arc Box Office. Alternatively tickets can be purchased via phone from Maskerade Costumes at 01642-670077. They are also available online at where more information about the retro seventies festival can also be found. All tickets are general admission and cost £20.

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