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New beers set to make their mark in retro cans

Featuring the same design and logo that was popular due to the 1975 movie “Jaws”, Narragansett Beer has come up with new commemorative cans. The can was made famous when the leading character Captain Sam Quint, played by Robert Shaw, crushes a can of Narragansett lager to scare off the shark, created by Richard Dreyfuss.

All cans for the beer, irrespective of the volume, will bear the new commemorative design and will be available across the whole of England. As you drive from Franklin Park Zoo, via Columbia Road, into Dorchester, you will see a large Kompadre Lager billboard. Initially you will see the yellow-and-red palm trees similar to those seen in other Caribbean Beer advertisements.

Despite the name and imagery, the beer does not originate from any Caribbean country, but is made locally to meet the needs of Dorchester’s Cape Verdean Community.

2 Dorchester-inspired beers are brewed buy the Percival Brewing Company. The founder, Filipe E. Oliveira, brews Dot Ale 1630, as a tribute to his childhood neighbourhood, in addition to Kompadre Lager. Although the beer is targeted at locals, it is also marketed to a community that would not have otherwise sampled crafted beer.

Oliviera says that crafted beers are not unusual, and the aim of the company is to produce crafted beer that is suitable to everyone. This is done at the Holyoke Paper City Brewery. The company was launched in 2011 and has started selling products to the Boston area.

At a local craft beer festival, his products got great reviews. Although he expected the younger people to be the major customers, the older people, who grew up in the neighborhood really took to the beer. Oliviera attributes this to the appreciation felt because his company was trying to uplift the Dot community, and make them embrace entrepreneurship.

Of the 2 beers, Dot Ale 1630 is the better brew, pouring amber with a dirty white head. I got a whiff of the caramel malt and flowers used in the brew. Bready, is the word you can use to describe the first sip, and it has a medium mouth-feel. Shawn, who is a friend, says that the beer is heavier than Budweiser, his favorite. The beer is smoother, though less flavorful when compared to Harpoon IPA.


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