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Bring volume and height to your hair with retro styling products

Although slicked back hairstyles dominate the catwalk, we are craving the Kelly Brook voluminous tresses style. According to Lee Stafford, we are not the only ones in this situation. The application of blow-dry volume spray, is also picking up. Many girls keep asking what they can do to make their hair thicker.

He answers the girls by telling them that they can use My Big Fat Retro Setting Lotion, which just happens to have his name on. Lee says that the secrets of his new lotion are helping people to turn back the clock as far as hair styles are concerned. He says that he has gone “old school” in order to give ladies the best, bounciest, and biggest blow-dry lotion that lasts a long time.

STEP ONE: The setting lotion should be sprayed on damp hair, letting it get to the roots before combing through the hair.

STEP TWO: Blow-dry the hair in a movement that starts at the roots and move side-to-side to help in building a good foundation at the roots of the hair.

STEP THREE: Once you are through with blow-drying the hair, you can tilt your head up and style the hair in any way that you want. This will leave you with a huge volume of bouncy hair.

If you like the sound of Lee Stafford’s Retro Setting Lotion you can get it at for only £8.99



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