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Chloe Sevigny shows off her retro style

In one of the new glossies Chloe Sevigny may be seen naked as she seductively stares down the camera from a bathtub, but the other day she was out and about going retro in some very vintage seventies clothing.

The retro seventies style outfit that Chloe choose to wear as she walked around the East Village was quite extraordinary, as you could squint and almost think that you had stepped backwards in time. Of course, Chloe is known for pushing the fashion envelope so it should not be too much of a surprise that she is one of the first to wear the seventies retro look that was all over the stage at Fashion Week,

The slim actress chose to pair a boxy brown leather jacket along with a pair of blue jeans with a very high waist. The jeans went almost p to your belly button which in today’s fashion world, is retro enough, but then the seventies jacket really set off the outfit.

Looking like something you would expect to see in Almost Famous on Kate Hudson, the brown suede jacket was way oversized and swung loosely around her petite frame with oversized sleeves and oversized buttons.

Setting off the entire retro look was the fact that the jeans were pleated down the front and cut high at the ankle almost like something you would expect to see on a nurse. She finished off the look with a pair of black wedges that at least matched her square shaped purse.

The black cat sunglasses were also obviously a throwback to the retro kid toys, but the red lipstick paired with them as well as the frumpy blond hair was a bit too much as she ended up looking more like a clown then pulling off the retro look she was no doubt angling for.

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