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Coco Rocha steps out in full on retro look

Coco Rocha is often referred to as the master of a million looks, but it seems like her look du jour is actually retrofitted. She chose to step out this week sporting her pixie cut paired with a diamond necklace and retro fitted dress to make a stunning style statement.

While long hair is generally perceived as glamorous and young, Coco choose to slick back her retro pixie cut to create a stunning look that is straight out of the old films at the Norman Mailer Center’s Fifth Annual Benefit Gala that took place Thursday in New York at the Public Library.

While her slicked back hair was notable, it also offered her a sheer neckline so that the Van Cleef & Arpels diamond she wore around her neck was clearly visible by anyone that saw the stunning 24 year old model.

The necklace was not the only icing on Coco as she also sported a very stunning matching bracelet and a thick glittering ring to really put a shine on her overall outfit. With so much icing on her body however, Coco choose to set off her retro look with a classic knee length black dress.

The dress came from Zac Posen and tightly fit every curve of Coco’s body as she walked through the library possibly making her the sexiest person to grace the hallways of the public library. She choose to finish off the entire look with black heeled shoes that gave her a few more inches.

She also went retro with her make-up to complete the look going with a porcelain base for her face, a deep lush red lipstick, and smoky cats eyes with sharp defined eyebrows. The conservative model’s dress graced her knees and was conservatively cut around the neckline as well.

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