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Creating the perfect retro wedding

Retro weddings are increasing in popularity, but many who want a wedding of this kind have been put off by thinking it will be difficult to pull together. Not so when you following these tips for the essential items that will give you the retro wedding of your dreams.

The wedding dress is the most effective way of visually declaring your wedding. A retro wedding gown should be ankle or calf length with full skirt, a sweetheart neckline and a sash or slim belt around the waist. Go for lace, the ultimate retro fabric, and if you hanker after the 50’s look, plenty of underskirts will give you the effect you want in a dress with a halter neck.

Accessories wise, dainty white gloved with tiny pearl buttons, simple court shoes in pastel colours, white tights are all key retro items. If your wedding is in a colder month then a faux fur wrap or bolero with long sleeves will look great. If you want a veil, look to Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, in fact, this entire wedding could be the template for your retro wedding.

When it comes to the food and drink you can have an awful lot of fun. Glass bottles of Cream Soda, 7Up and Coca-Cola can be served to keep the theme going. Have striped tablecloths and set up a candy station with those big jars of coloured sweets we all remember from our childhood for guests to help themselves to ala pick n mix. The perfect retro starter is the prawn cocktail, perhaps a chicken Kiev for the main and ice cream sundae, with milkshakes for the kids, for dessert.

When it comes to your hair and make-up, big and bold are a must. Choose the era you are going with and you can easily find plenty of pictures online. Take a photo of how you want your hair to your hairdresser for a trial run to make sure you have the kind of hair that will successfully go up into a beehive, or whatever style that represents the era you are going for.

For your flowers, big and bold is not the order of the day, and for a wedding with a 50’s retro vibe small and delicate bouquets are what you need. The perfect shape is somewhat mushroom like, so bind the stalks with fabric or ribbon to create a tight handle and arrange the flower heads so they are almost dome like.



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