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Current trend for all things retro knows no sign of waning

Right now all things retro are popular, from eighties fashion to vinyl records it seems that history is a great inspiration for hipsters and trend setters alike. The question of course is that with so many different choices, what will be the next big retro fad?

There is a strong appeal to retro that continues to last through the decade because people are willing to look over problems in things that have been deemed ‘retro.’ For example vintage clothing that is faded might not have sold much back in the day, but now it can go for hundreds with the proper buyer in mind. The same thing can be said for vinyl which at one point was considered outdated and of poor sound quality.

One item that is due for a retro comeback is the old VHS video. Sure, the grainy quality of the video at the time was a bother, but now that film consumption is as easy as downloading a video online or streaming one it seems almost comforting to have to rewind a film before you can watch it again. It used to be you had to work to watch a video and if the tape got messed up you had to take the pain of the spools on your skin as you agonisingly wound it up.

Another retro fad that is posed to come back is that of the old mobile phones. Touch screen phones are large and impersonal, but back in the day a phone was a simple device that connected to a slow and archaic network. You had the charm of waiting for characters to pop up one by one on the screen, and the entire process was still cool. Don’t forget of course how satisfying it was to snap the phone shut when you were done using it: like magic.

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