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Dita Von Teese goes retro with her new lingerie collection

The new HSN lingerie collection designed by Dita Von Teese will have a very obvious retro inspiration as the beauty is choosing to show off women’s body shapes via retro retail styles. Dita explained that she has always loved lingerie and how feminine it can make a woman feel. She added that most people are also drawn to retro style and she wanted to use some of the knowledge that she has from the first job when she was 15.

She said that this is when she worked as a buyer and a bra-fitter for a lingerie store. She went on to say that as part of this collection she wants to offer glamour and retro style to woman while at the same time still offering function, fit, and affordability to the person wearing it.

The line of lingerie is inspired by the fifties and has plenty of intricate details like lace, velvet ribbons, and mesh so that they can look a bit like Dita’s well known pin-up look. The line is also available in plus sizes in all styles and will cost anywhere from $25 to $45 depending on what pieces you have your eyes on.

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