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Enjoy a great retro night out at Soho Cabaret

For those looking for a retro night out on the town, the Soho Cabaret is the perfect stop as Madame JoJo, the cabaret star, is set to return for one night only at the club in what has already been deemed to be a retro night of fun.

Madame JoJo, first started hosting entertainment shows back in 1986 at the Madame JoJo’s club on Brewer Street and has not publicly appeared since the nineties. Therefore, her one night only performance is sure to draw in a crowd of many of her old fans and some new inquisitive fans.

The entire drag act is actually supposed to be quite retro as it will include many faces from the past such as former bar staff, performers, and even some dancers. Of course, you can also expect that many of the old regular customers are going to come back one more time for The Madame JoJo’s Reunion.

Over the years the Soho Cabaret has played host to many different faces including Adrella, Lily Savage, Ruby Venezuela, and Regina Fong. There have also been quite a few celebrities that have stopped by the club for performances that would now be considered quite retro as well including The Pet Shop, Joan Rivers, Liza Minnelli, Boy George, and Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

The reunion show will take place on March 20th at the Soho Cabaret and tickets will cost six pounds. All proceeds will be donated to the Children with Aids charity. Scarlett Rose, who is scheduled to perform, stated that it should be an excellent retro night and a great look back into the past when the club used to feature cabaret six of the seven nights of the week. She added that Madame JoJo was the lead of Soho and always very welcoming.

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