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Funstock bring retro gaming right back into vogue

Those that miss the magic of sticking a game cartridge into a gaming console and turning it on might be able to get a little bit of that thrill back with the new stock of games released by Funstock.

Funstock is releasing a host of retro game cartridges that are compatible with some of the most popular consoles. Its products are advertised to work with GameGear, Sega’s Mega Drive, the N64, NES, Super NES, and PC Engine. They even look exactly the same which should add some unique flair to fans of the old systems from their childhood.

The consoles are updated to work in modern times by allowing their users to download ROMs onto a memory card that can then be inserted into a cartridge that is compatible with the original system.

They then can be directly run via the old gaming system so that you get a gaming experience that is straight out of the eighties or the nineties depending on the system that is being used. Of course, the same idea was tried with the R4DS and that did not exactly go well, but Funstock is optimistic about their gaming product.

This time around the difference is that titles are not emulated versions, instead, they are authentic ROMs that are being used on the real hardware therefore in theory they should run much smoother than any emulators.

The trick is that they are probably not going to be legal because while users will probably be okay playing games they own on the ROMS, the temptation to download and play ROMs that they never owned is going to be too great and at this point it’s very murky legal territory. At the very least, while the video gaming industry will likely hate it for a short time video game players can indulge.

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