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Funstock to make retro games work again

A recent announcement by Funstock reveals that it will introduce some retro games cartridges that will be able to work with original console hardware, a rather “legally dubious move”. The product offers a wide range of products for Sega including those for Mega Drive, Master System and GameGear and other products for Nintendo such as SNES, NES, and N64. Some products are also made for PC engine.

For this to work, users have to download ROMs to a memory card after which they insert the card to a cartridge that is compatible then run them on through the original hardware. This is somehow similar to R4DS that didn’t perform so badly. The trick on this product is the fact that the titles are not being considered eliminating all compatibility problems that someone may experience since these ROMs are genuine and operate on legit hardware. Many people experience compatibility problems with PC and handheld emulators.

This doesn’t mean there wont be any legal battles to be fought. Ideally, it would be okay for users to run their ROM of games. It would even be more appealing for people to condense their retro game collection to a single cartridge that supports all formats. Through the new product, people will be able to download and run ROMs of different games that they do not own legally, which presents various legal challenges. It would even be legally more complicated for someone to download a different format of a game as the original.

It is unlikely that Sega and Nintendo will receive the news with open arms because of their continuing strive to monetize their catalogue retro titles whenever they make new releases of digital copies through their current platforms. Nintendo in particular has been very vocal about anyone trying a similar stunt on its products in the past.

Funstock general manager is excited to offer a revolutionary product that makes retro gamers enjoy different games in a better way by bringing authenticity and experience that Everdrive delivers. Neo Geo X, uses Funstock as its official supplier in UK where funstock has listed the product for £150


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