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Great fun to be had with retro gaming

There are quite a few games that most people have forgotten about, but if you got the chance to play them then you would probably be all over them. These are the great retro games that have been largely forgotten and are now so old that they have once again become iconic. The following is a brief review of some of the best retro games out there on the market that have earned enough retro points to deserve a second play if you can get your hands on a station and the game.

First up on the list is Psychonauts which is a Double Fine Productions game that was designed by LucasArts developer Tim Schafer. As you might guess, the third platform game is quite fun as players get the chance to play Raz, a character that can read other people’s minds and desperately wants to be a Psychonaut. The plot is twisty and intriguing, and although it was not a commercial success was certainly a cult success.

The next game on the list is Tekken; which was the ultimate 3D fighting game. Most often played at the video arcade, the King of Iron Fist Tournament is one that every young boy spent quarter after quarter trying to win. It is also the first game to introduce combination moves that led to much more sophisticated attacks.

Of course, when you are talking about iconic video games it is hard to forget the ever popular SimCity in which players design a city that continues to evolve and have new demands forced upon it. Heavily distributed the classic game is still a favourite among many hardcore gamers. The fact that it has been re-released in several versions for several different platforms has also helped keep the game alive.

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