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There’s great fun to be had in vintage shops

Vintage shops are fun because they allow true fashion hounds the chance to spend hours looking at home treasures and fashions that are unique and stunning. They offer a world that is practically unspoiled for those with a bit of imagination, and now a new vintage shop in Milton Keynes is offering locals the same type of charm.

Retro 23 opened this week on the first floor of Age UK along Stony Stratford. The facility is taking advantage of the many donations that are given to Age UK and is bound to attract a great deal of visitors of all ages. Young people are often drawn to vintage shops because to them everything is new and old at the same time. On the other hand, older generations find the nostalgia attached to such stores to be very comforting.

Retro 23 certainly has something to offer everyone as one room side offers items that date back to the fifties and even a little earlier. In the corner are several Singer sewing machines, a gramophone, cushion covers, Royal Dalton jugs, and lace wedding dresses. Move to the other side of the room and you will find retro items that were made after the sixties such as lava lamps, teapots, fur coats, vinyls, and some clothing accessories.

If all of these unique treasures are not enough of an inspiration to stop by Retro 23 perhaps the pricing system in place at the store will be. Retail manager of the store, Maggie Clark, explained that before pricing any item they spend a lot of time online doing research to get an idea of what the prices should be, and then they make sure to reduce them even lower. According to Clark they want to offer the lowest prices in order to offer a unique service to customers and so far the feedback has been astounding.

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