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A great time was had by all at the Bishop Stortford vintage fair

If anyone wanted a quick run through of the items that were available at Bishop’s Stortford vintage fair, the answer is that a whole lot of brooches, bags, and even Barbie dolls were present, among many other retro things.

As expected, there were dozens of stalls full to the brim with vintage treasures, which of course, caused the steady stream of shoppers to go a little crazy on the 9th March. A great example of a successful store was that of vintage aficionados Caroline Dill and Vanessa Eringa, who had a stall at the event, and one that was constantly busy too.

Different homewares , clothes and accessories from different decades of the past were also sold at the vintage fair, not to mention furniture, memorabilia and various retro items. To keep the atmosphere fin and lively, there was a DJ that provided nostalgic tunes, a record stall to shop in, and a place that also sold vintage teas and gave vintage-inspired makeovers.

When interviewed, Vanessa had more to say about the vintage business. The whole fair was actually a partnership between herself and Caroline Dill. The pair met some years ago as traders who both sold vintage clothes at the popular Brick Lane Market. Since their days in London, the two have become very good friends.

With their friendship and partnership seal, both Caroline and Vanessa continued selling vintage stuff at different vintage fairs all over the country. Their common love for all things vintage lead them to spend a lot of time looking through charity shops, car boot sales and other second hand sources.

During their travels, the duo noticed that while vintage fairs were very much common in London and other larger cities, it was not the same for smaller towns such as Bishop’s Stortford. This led them to thinking about opening a fair catering specifically to vintage in the area, and you can say the rest is history.



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