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New iPhone case is a reminiscent take on the mobile technology of the 90’s

There are many items and events that should be forgotten when thinking about the 90’s, including the bad hair styles and their awful fashion trends but one thing that was forgotten and is now back is the style of those old thick flip cell phones that they had back then. There are many people back in the 90’s who remember their very first cell phone and just like us now with smartphones and blackberries, they were ecstatic about them. The specialists at Thumbsup have just introduced their new 90’s flip phone iPhone case.

This new case for your iPhone is a fun accessory, that can add a little personality to the smartphone you have now, and show it off with a little retro flair. Although it is not as bulky as the phones from the 80’s, the flip phone is very prestigious and was a big time seller back in its days, making the new phone case a remembrance of the 90’s.

This magnificent little phone case will definitely be a conversation beginner and be the talk of most people, and it even comes with a speaker lid that works along with an aerial to give it the look that was seen back in the 90’s. The workers at thumbsup are aiming to release the new phone case sometime in the autumn. The price is cheap as it is only £14.99, therefore it is a lot cheaper than going out and buying a brand new flip phone.

If you want to rock the cell phone style of the 90’s but have the technology of your smartphone, then look for the thumbsup 90’s flip phone case that is soon to be coming out towards the end of this year. With as popular as the 80’s case was thumbsup believes this is going to be a best seller.


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