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Kirsten Dunst shows off her penchant for vintage in LA

Kirsten Dunst is known for her retro sense of style and she did not disappoint last week when she headed out on the streets of LA wearing a retro and very vintage dress the way that it was meant to be worn. For her day out on the town she choose to wear a pair of oversized retro leopard print sunglasses and a shift dress that appeared to be straight out of the 1950s.

The actress turned 31 this past week, but she did not look a day over 25 in her retro outfit that she nicely paired with a makeup free face. Her clear complexion that was completely left to speak for itself is one reason why she looked so great. Dunst clearly understand that it is best to pair simple with simple when going for a retro look.

The shift dress was navy blue with tiny white pinwheels on it. It was a complete button up dressed paired exactly for the time period that feel to about knee length on Dunst making it a dress that every suburban housewife would have loved back in the day.

Of course, Dunst took it up a few notches by adding her youthful frame to the retro dress. The dress also had double breasted pockets and additional pockets at arm length making it a bit like a dressed up version of a retro nurse gown.

Dunst choose to accent the look with a small handbag and a pair of simple black sandals that had thick straps across her toes and ankles and a slight wedge heel on the back. She also keeps her skin perfectly white instead of opting for the fake tan that most celebrities do today making her look even more retro chic.

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