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Why we love the 80’s

It would appear that the eighties (that’s the 1980’s you know – the long dead past ) have experienced a resurrection. Not only are we seeing a re-run of ’80’s music and fashions, but we’re also going to be carrying around an 80’s-style phone – or at least the hippest amongst us will, even if ‘hip’ went out of style quite a while ago too.

We’re not sure it’s even cool to say ‘cool’ anymore, but what the heck. The facts, as reported by the news media in general, are that the obsolete has now become the epitome of chic – again, at least to some consumers and certainly to purveyors of the New Original mobile phone, just like the first one Motorola put on the market in 1983.

That one was called the Dyna TAC 8000X, its dimensions were about thirteen inches by two inches by three inches and it weighed about two pounds, similar to the size and weight of an ordinary brick. So that’s what Binatone’s new model is called: The Brick. And it looks an awful lot like the originals, which by the way are now considered classics. If you can find one of the first British models of the 8000X with the British Telecom logo, it’ll probably cost you around £1,000.

As for Binatone, Chief Executive Dino Lalvani (who has been called ‘the Indian James Bond’) says that the Brick is “. . . aimed at those who want to wear their phone as a style statement.” That could be the impetus behind this new trend – or it could be that people are just getting tired of all the gadgetry and multi-tasking that’s the norm with all the latest makes and models, and they yearn for something simpler.

It’s not really clear exactly who will buy The Brick, which goes on sale in the UK early next month (October), but Binatone’s creation will have some advantages over the original, anyway. It can be used as a mobile or a Bluetooth handset for a smartphone or as just a handset. Battery standby time is up to a month on the basic model and up to three months if you get the Power Edition. If you can’t remember what those 80’s phones looked like, check out the pictures at retrobri


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