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Monster Factory has produced the ultimate retro VW campervan rug

The Monster Factory has produced a retro style picnic rug that is bound to appeal to all VW campervan fans, or anyone looking for something a little bit different to enjoy their picnic on this summer. Designed and manufactured by the Monster Factory, the rug celebrates the iconic 1965 split screen VW Campervan that were the wheels of choice for surfers, hippies and free spirits everywhere, in the heady summers of love through the hazy days of the 60s and beyond.

The Monster Factory specialises in working with licensed, well-known brands to design unique products, and the picnic blanket is typical of the kind of innovative and fun designs they produce. A company spokesperson said the generous-sized picnic rug, produced just in time for summer, would make a brilliant scene-setter.


VW Campervan picnic rug


“Everyone recognises the split screen VW Campervan which represents a more carefree era perhaps, when even the summers seemed to last a bit longer than they do now! It’s a bit of nostalgia for some, but it’s also a super-cool retro rug that’s a lot of fun and can be enjoyed by all. One thing’s for sure, it won’t go unnoticed, wherever you choose to spread it out!”

Reproduced in the official blue of the original design, the VW Campervan rug measures 150 x 200 cm and comes in a portable carry case. Fully washable and durable, the rug also has a waterproof backing, which makes is suitable for use outdoors at campsites, at the beach, in the park, at festivals, or at open air concerts.

The VW Campervan rug is the latest in a series of unique products from The Monster Factory. They manufacture and sell all kinds of branded items and have won numerous awards for their designs since the company was established in 1998. For more information, visit

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