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The new Nikon Df camera

Nikon’s new product Df. a DSLR features a retro design with a classic look and highly functional digital sensor that was first introduced in Nikon’s professional DSLR, the D4. This is the lightest of all Nikon’s cameras that have a full frame sensor. As for the 35mm sensor, it features 16.2million pixels, which was featured in the D4, which as specially made for professional photographers.

The Df has also taken many other features from D4 including its sensitivity which ranges between ISO 100 -12800 though you can expand down to ISO 50 or upwards to ISO 204,800. It also has features the D4’s Expeed 3 image processor.

The retro look has been made possible thanks to the mechanical dials whose purpose is to control sensitivity, exposure compensation and shutter speed. The camera’s body is made of magnesium alloy (this gives its lightweight) making it super light especially once the battery is removed, 710g. It is also resistant to dust and moisture just like the D800. The camera’s durability is unquestionable thanks to the 150, 000 testing cycles that have been made.

Additionally, the camera has a spectacular shutter speed of 1/400 second and an energy saving concept that can make a user take about 1400 shots per charge.

The Df is compatible with non AI lenses, which were some of the flagship automatic indexing lenses that were introduced in 1977. Additionally, the Df is compatible with Nikkor models, giving owners some taste of class.

Many people are for the opinion that Nikon may follow Sony through the mirrorless full frame models, this camera has the traditional mirror design. This means it has 100% coverage thanks to the optical Pentaprism viewfinder on this device. The LCD screen does not disappoint, it is a 3.2 inch 921k dot fixed screen. The flagship marketing campaign will involve Nikon marketing the Df with the 50mm f/1.8G lens.

However, Nikon clearly stated that it will not be selling the camera on full body only. With the 50mm lens buyers will be able to acquire this piece of art for £2,749.99 and have an option to choose between silver with black highlights or simply black. The sales should start on November 28.


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