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Nintendo to re-release retro gaming titles

Those who are hoping that their decades old Nintendo is going to make it just a few more years so that they can continue to play Mario will be happy to hear that Nintendo is actually going to update their catalogue by re-releasing almost all of their retro titles.

Of course, this time round you will have to play with the Wii console, but the great news is that there is going to be Virtual Console software added into the Nintendo eShop so that you can play all of the best Nintendo and Super Nintendo games on the Wii. This way you don’t’ have to worry if the system is going to make it for few more years, because you won’t be starting with a console that is already almost four decades old.

The software update for the Wii U will take place this spring and will add in mainly NES and Super NES games long with the Virtual Console software, however, right now you can take advantage of special offer pricing on a large selection of classic titles.

The full catalogue from the Virtual Console is not going to move over right away as Nintendo is going to move them over batch by batch, but the good news is that when the games do get over they will have additional GamePad functionality to make them easier to play with the Wii U.

Players that already have the Wii edition of a Super NES or NES Virtual Console game can have it moved over to the Wii U for just £.99 a NES game or £1.49 per Super NES game. It’s a small price to pay to enjoy the retro feel of Mario as he hits a coin box or Yoshi while he swallows a fly.


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