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Oldcastle Books aims to attract new readers to old classics by going retro

Oldcastle Books, the indie publisher, is attempting to catch the eye of younger readers by remastering their classic fiction to look more like retro pieces. The idea is that with retro being in style youngsters are going to find themselves drawn to the familiar titles such as ‘Pride & Prejudice’ or ‘The Great Gatsby.’

The books will be made to look like classic retro comic book covers with their Andy Warhol like colours and pop out characters. They also will have tag lines written on them to make the books seem like more contemporary reads. For example, on the F. Scott Fitzgerald book the tagline ‘When it came to loving… he knew which Daisy to pick’ should help catch some young readers’ eyes.

The indie company hopes that by taking classic books and marketing them like newer modern romances more people will be inclined to pick them up. At the same they also plan to offer the books at low competitive trade paper book prices to help add to the allure of the books as they stare at consumers from checkout lines.

The first classic to be released by Oldcastle will be Pride & Prejudice on January 28th in order to mark the second century mark of the books original publishing date. It will be priced at £6.99 and WHS Travel will be holding a special promotion of the book during the first month of sales.

In May Oldcastle will continue the series with releases of Robinson Crusoe, The Great Gatsby, and the Hound of the Baskervilles priced respectively at £6.99, £4.99, and £5.99. Marketing manager for Oldcastle Alexandra Bolton stated that the books will be able to draw attention in their own right because of their attractive and amusing covers.

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