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Original Batman series gets its own line of merchandise and toys

Last Friday, Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Junk Food Clothing introduced their new line of toys and merchandise based on the 1960s Batman series. The event was held in Meltdown Comics in Hollywood in focus of the toy line that took two years of development. Following the event, DC also announced a new series in comics, which is aptly termed as Batman ‘66.

The newly-launched Batman toy line is the first merchandise from DC and Warner since the rights to the television series was owned by 20th Century Fox Television. Warner pursued the company’s rights for the 1960’s Batman in order to push through with their newest effort.

The toy line will target the adult audiences as the original fans of the television series have already matured. Most of those who attended the event were fans of the original TV show and have expressed their anticipation towards the release of the merchandise line as Batman was a huge part of their childhood years.

However, Warner is also looking forward to a huge following from their younger clientele. Batman’s audiences have a wide age demographics. The character is already an established figure in pop culture and has broad appeal towards the public. In addition, Warner expects that it will also draw a good market from the artsy crowds because of the toy line’s retro theme.

The toy line includes Batman action figures in surfboard and swimming trunk, while Mattel also participated in the creation of the line with their Ken and Barbie figures wearing Batman and Catwoman costumes.

The event was attended by a largely hip and artsy crowd as well as celebrity guests, and the location was styled in vintage-themed nightclub cum Batcave. A life-size Batmobile was parked outside of Meltdown while drinks and foods were served by statuesque models in Catwoman costumes. Adam West, who is known for his Batman portrayal in the 1960’s show, also attended the event.



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