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Original iPhone set to be the collectors item of the future

Although Apple iPhone 5C sales may be struggling a bit in the major markets for the mobile giant, its original model is becoming a high priced and highly sought after item as collectors are starting to turn their gaze to the original item.

In fact, while the original iPhone is not that old, the retro version of the phone is already fetching thousands on eBay the auction website. In fact, one unlocked 8GB mobile iPhone 2G just sold for £1,400 on eBay while another version of the same phone with 16GB sold for about £1,500.

The first iPhone went on sale in 2007 and since then the brand has released seven different upgraded models, but despite the high price the phone demands at stores, it appears that the highest prices are actually found on the retro items.

This might make the iPhone one of the best investments on the market, as its price has almost tripled in just six years given the fact that they were originally priced at about £500. However, in order to get the top price for the retro items owners need to have unopened or boxed versions of the mobile phone. Used versions on the other hand are only selling for about £50.

Most recycling centers and mobile recycling programs are only offering about £5 to buy back the 16GB retro version of the iPhone, so those that want to sell off their phones would be much wiser to head online to make a sale.

The first retro version of the iPhone sported a 160 pixel per inch screen that measured 3.5 inches which is about an inch smaller than the new iPhone and much less pixels then what is available now. The phone also only offered five hours of battery life with total 16 hour audio playback ability.

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