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Put a few retro games under the Christmas tree this year

Christmas is getting closer every day and for those that play video games the holiday usually means at least one or two video games are going to end up under the Christmas tree. However, this year you might think about getting a gift that goes on the Christmas tree as well as ThinkGeek the retailer has a new video game themed decoration to add to every gamer’s wish list. The retro decoration is one that is likely going to light up all fans of retro video games.

The ThinkGeek ornament set costs about twenty pounds and is composed of classic gaming controllers that are hooked onto a small gold chain and ready to hang on the tree. Anyone that played SEGA or NES when they were a child is likely to be thrilled at these retro controllers hanging from their Christmas tree.

All together the pack of ornaments has four different featured controllers: a Sega Genesis controller, An Atari joystick, NES controller, and the original Sony PlayStation Controller. All you need is a memory pack and you would in theory be ready to play just about any game from your childhood with these unique and eye-catching ornaments. Of course, they are not the real size, but they are the perfect size to go on the tree without knocking it over.

If the gaming theme really gets you excited for the holidays, it also may be worth checking out some of the unique gaming ornaments made by Chris McVeigh on his Powerpig website which include mini lego decorations shaped to look like popular game items. For instance, he makes a great Mario question box that will be begging guests in your home to silently tap and try to break open just in case an extra life or mushroom might fall out.

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