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How to make the most of retro fashion

Back in the 1980s, fashion was just as popular as today, but the styles were vastly different. What people used to wear then is what we now refer to as retro. Yet even if most people associate retro as old and vintage, now it seems like retro is making a comeback in the fashion and design industries. Whether it is seen through new designs that adapt some of the concepts from that era, or people simply rushing to thrift stores to buy genuine retro clothing, there is no question that there is an appetite for it.

Of course reworked fashion styles are one things, but it does not take a lot of imagination to simply reuse the old outfits. Instead, many designers want to bring the retro look back with a twist. This new retro look includes things like stretched pants and tights, along with long shirts or even leg warmers, why not? In fact, many think that if you have an oversized shirt, or if it slouches on one side, then it is even better. Showing off golden buttons or chains brings you to the top of the fashion line in this new 80s retro.

If you were to look at a casual business look from the late 1980s it would include a blouse, tapered tight trousers, and a flowy jacket with big shoulder pads. The pockets would be pushed up through the sleeves, or simply rolled up. A skirt on the other hand would be a very short pencil skirt, also going together with an oversized jacket. For the guys, parachute pants were for running around, not just skydiving. As for the dance floor, glitzy tight skirts can work along with spike heeled boots, low cut if possible, and fingerless lace gloves to end it all.

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