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Retro football shirts

With vintage and retro fashion being bang on trend at the minute, there has been a surge of interest in retro football shirts. Those staunch supporters who have shirts from yesterday are wearing them proudly at matches, and they are being both trendy and saving money on the extortionately priced modern shirts emblazoned with their sponsors brand. As all the top teams seem to bring out a new shirt every year, you can go back as far as the 60’s to pick up a retro shirt for your favourite team.

If you are looking for a retro shirt for your team there are many avenues to explore if you don’t have one already. The online auction sites are a good bet, but as the trend increases in popularity these aren’t the cheap as chips option they used to be. It is also worth looking in charity shops or heading online to sporting goods retailers who will invariably have a retro section.

Even club shops are getting in on the act but it is worth bearing in mind that these are most likely copies of retro designs from the past and will not be vintage in the true sense of the word. If you are not bothered about it being true vintage and just want a retro style shirt then retailers such as Sports Direct carry a large selection. Likewise, those who want a real vintage shirt should look at specialist retro outlets who will carry not only British teams but also those from around the world including international shirts.

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