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Retro gaming is alive and kicking in Japan

If you think that video games stores in Japan will be outstanding and offer more to video game lovers and be much better than those in the UK then think again. Nearly 90% of the video game stores in Japan are no different to the Best Buys and Gamestops you find at home.

All these stores have a huge collection of video games, guides, kiosks and DVD’s. However, there are some games stores that are different and more unique than the common ones. Fanboy stores and retro gaming stores are a few of such stores that are found tucked in alleys or in shopping arcades located in remote parts of the country.

Super Potato is the name of the gaming store that is one of the best known of these specialist gaming stores. We love to call this store Retro gaming: The Store, simply because you will be overwhelmed with the huge numbers of games from the past in this outlet. Wherever you look, you will find games and gaming products from the past being displayed inside the store.

There is a retro store in Akihabara that takes pride in supplying games from the past in all genres. The store has three floors and all of them are flooded with games and machines from the past. While 2 floors are used as storage places for retro games, the third is being utilised as a gaming arcade.

The best part of this retro gaming store is the section that contains Famicom shelves. Here you will find scores of games on the walls with colourful packs in yellow, green, pink, orange etc to make them all the more appealing for the lovers of such games. If you are a Famicom fan, you will find that Super Potato is like a sweet shop for you.

You are likely to encounter many games that you did not know even existed and of course there are the usual old ones that you liked a lot in your childhood. There are Contra, Mario, Castlevania 3 and many other games that you have fond memories of playing in your younger days.

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