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Retro gaming is still very much in vogue

It is very easy to take the internet for granted in today’s modern society because now when playing a video game we have the option to just look up a tip to get past the hard part in just a few seconds. However, back in the day it was not so easy to cheat through a game, as you had to figure things out for yourself.

During the early days of gaming it was even harder. For instance, in 1987 NES was still new in the US and there was only place that you could find help: from the CVG staff that created the first ever Super Mario Bros. player guide.

It may be hard to imagine, but at that time the game was a mystery and even the guide writers wrote that no one knows how to get fireworks when you finish a level. The writers also added that the instruction manual simply does not offer much help to gamers.

However, they did at least make it to World 8-4 even if they were unable to beat it. As they wrote, the last level is full of mazes and you have to get through them in the right order or you will never finish.

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