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The retro revival gathering strength all the time

Retro usually refers to the post-war era and is a movement that brought many changes to most of the world, including fashion, music, thinking and even lifestyle for many people. The trends experienced in that time were unique and lasted for around two decades between 1950 and 1970. However in recent years, the retro revival is a movement that that has gained strength again and is expected to keep going strong in 2013.

In the war era, a lot of goods were restricted and people saw shortages of almost everything which extended in the period after the war. The government and various agencies released guidelines of furniture that would be utility driven, and buildings were being built to be functional but without style. But after the Festival of Britain in 1951, the government was encouraging a feeling of post-war recovery and that meant throwing the old away, and bringing in new designs.

In the furniture industry, Ercol was one of the older companies in the country and it was heavily involved in Utility Furniture, the war-era practical designs, and they also revived their models at the Festival of Britain. Now, the company is dusting off their old prints and bringing new furniture that takes a clue from these old plans for the modern customer.

After utility, the 1950s saw furniture design go from practical to classic design with curved edges on tables, kick out legs for coffee tables and straight lines on sofas. Colours became beige, brown and olive. In the 1960s, even more changes came with new materials like plastic and glass becoming common. Now, the revival we are seeing this year is a mix of all of these design ideas, and it is the company’s hope that modern people will embrace this type of style.

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