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Retro Scott Pilgrim game makes a welcome return

Lately there has been a resurgence of retro gaming styles and trends across the world. It seems that with so many complicated role playing games and shooters people are yearning for the simpler days when all you had to do was race across the screen and hit a few boxes on your way. For those people, the emergence of a new retro 2D gaming manufacturer might be a breath of fresh air.

The same group that made the retro looking Scott Pilgrim game is back, and this time around they have decided to continue on with their 16 bit format. With Scott Pilgrim they decided to abandon the story of the film and instead turned it into the retro classics that came out of the nineties like Streets of Rage.

It turned into a beat’em up scrolling game with plenty of explosions, and critics and players loved it. Apparently so did design team Major and Lavigne because now that they have had a taste retro gaming and the freedom that comes with it they are not willing to turn back.

The two formed their own studio that is named Tribute Games fittingly, and are now ready to debut their new film called Mercenary Kings. It is essentially also a retro 2D scroller, but this time it is more about shooting the enemies then beating them up. Fans of Megaman are likely going to love this game and with just a few updates it applies to a more modern audience.

Overall the 2D shooter takes advantage of all 16 bit style pixel art can offer and uses more modern mechanics such as level hosts, weapon crafting systems, and more to bring it up to date with modern day standards.

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