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Retro style still in place for the spring collections

Following the seventies flavour that shaped the autumn fashion lines it should not come as that much of a surprise that spring is the new flavour for spring. Retro shapes, short hems, and some brilliant colours are all shaping up to be the face of spring style.

Marc Jacobs for example has chosen arty references and shapes from the sixties for his new line this summer. For instance, he is using the chequerboard look with his monochrome fashions and is also featuring plenty of black and white that comes straight off the pop art taste of the sixties.

On the other hand, Moschino is paying its respects to London with a collection of swing jackets, trapeze line coats, shift dresses, and miniskirts. Miu Miu is also showing some sixties influence in their accessories with many jewels that are cut into a box shape that would match perfectly with a nice pair of brown mules.

Of course, other accessories should be made out of acrylic to match the sixties flavour and the retro look of the spring. Sunglasses and earrings are a great place to start with some great neon pinks and oranges as accents

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