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Retro techno fan is seeking backing to create Commodore 64 clones

How would you like to get your hands on a brand new Commodore 64 in the classic 1982 style for only £48, or $72? This may sound crazy but an enterprising fan of retro tech is trying to make this possible. Daniel Biehl has an original Commodore 64, but is fully aware that it is not going to last forever, thus he wants to build one that is compatible with all the C64 software that is still out there, works with its peripherals, but is not an emulator.

He has called this ‘Project Bread Bin’ as this was the nickname given to the original Commodore 64 casing, as well as the Vic-20 which preceded it. Biehl is the first to admit that the Bread Bin cannot be simply a C64 replica, that is a trademark nightmare he has no wish to enter into, the new machine cannot use the C64 name either, for the very same reason.

The casing is set to be based round an integrated keyboard, as with the original, but it will also be able to be connected to modern televisions, as well as the internet and also use Micro SD cards for extra storage. Some are understandably asking why, when we have moved so far on from the C64, which the Bread Bin can not look like anyway, doesn’t he just pitch a new but generic PC in 8-bit style?

After all, Daniel had already revealed that if his crowd sourcing campaign exceeds expectations, he is planning to make clones of an Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari 800, BBC Model B and a Spectrum as well. We also have to wonder that, at what point, will one of these old computers with the odd modern convenience stop having anything in common with the machine it is effectively mimicking.




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