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Retro toys

Christmas is upon us and soon children across the nation are playing happily with their new toys, new being the key word here. Amongst all the electronics and plastic, how many of you have bought your children the retro toys that you played with yourself as a child? The problem is that many of today’s parents are in the mindset that for kids to have fun they have to have all the latest electronic gadgets, but that is far from the truth.

We could spend hours debating how much fun we had as kids playing with a ball or a skipping rope but that is not the point of this article. Retro toys stimulate a child’s imagination more than an electronic toy ever could, and that is the key to this kind of toy. It has been proven that what we now call retro toys actually help a child’s development as they have to think about what they are doing as opposed to following instructions or a series of flashing lights.

There are numerous retailers who offer a great selection of retro toys which are a great deal cheaper than modern gadgets. carry everything from space hoppers to Jack in the boxes to wooden sailing boats. Basic, yes but add into the mix a child’s imagination and you have all you need for hours of fun. It can be hard to ignore the peer pressure that exists even in nursery school to have all the latest toys, but by introducing these toys from a very early age will make it a lot easier.

One of the main toys from a boys childhood is Action Man and those men who took care of their toys have kept them to pass on to their own sons. Production of this most popular of toys ceased in 2009 and they are swapping hands on auction sites for very little money. Any adults who remembers the hours of fun they had with their Action Man, along with the vehicles and villains will want to get down on the floor with their kids and relive their childhood, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.


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