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Sega release retro gaming laptops

Back in the day, if you wanted a games console you might check out what Sega had to offer, but that time of course has passed. However in a retro move Sega is briefly returning to the market in a move that will make most nerds pleasantly happy. The gaming company announced that it will briefly return to the retro console market in order to release four PC laptops that come with its very retro console settings.

The machines are being released in what Sega refers to as four different flavors: Dreamcast, Sega Blue, Saturn, and Mega Drive. All of the models will have their own set of specs but for the high end model you can expect to pay somewhere around £1400.

That’s a load of money for a new laptop whether it is a Sega or not, but the plus of buying this particular model is that you will get the real retro feel of the brand when using it, and most likely the envy of any other nerd that happens to be sitting around you when you pull it open.

Inside of the Sega the user will find 8GB of RAM, a Blu-Ray drive, a 120GB SSD, a top end Intel i7, and a reasonable graphics card with the GeForce GT650M pre-installed. The laptop itself is a bit chunky for the high price tag, but when you buy a Sega note you are pretty much purchasing the laptop cover, and all four of them are pretty sweet.

For instance, the white Dreamcast has the symbol worked into the pure white cover whereas the Mega Drive proudly declares 16 bit across the top with the Sega logo down in the corner. With each model offering the individuality of the laptop, it’s hard not to be noticed with these guys.

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