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Retro sweets proving to be a massive success

A new sweet shop opened in Darlington town centre opened this year and is proving to be a massive success . With lots of sugary stuff on offer for the public from day one, the colourful premises of the outlet named The Retro Sweet Shop was full of customers. The crowds got a chance to taste the stuff that local entrepreneur Sannae Aljabory offered them in . . . → Read More: Retro sweets proving to be a massive success

Twinkies make a comeback

The childhood favourite Twinkie has recently resurfaced as the company sold its $410 million share to Metropolous and Company and Apollo Global Management. Both companies belong to the private sector. Daren Metropolous promises that the new Twinkies will be repackaged with a retro-look, as his company is also responsible for the repackaging and re-marketing of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer.

While Twinkies is now available for public consumption . . . → Read More: Twinkies make a comeback